Splendor Room Escape

Splendor Room Escape

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Splendor Room Escape

‘Who owns this house, uncle?’ asked Joel pointing towards a beautiful house in the village that he has just arrived. ‘This house belongs to a very rich man from another city’ replied uncle. He continued, ‘The house they say has all the modern facilities and that is why it is called the Splendor House, but no one lives here and no one dares to enter it fearing the owner who is a powerful and a stern man’. Later that evening Joel sneaked out to go and see for himself as to what was so special about the house. He entered through the main door that was left open but as soon as he entered, the door was automatically locked. It was only natural for him to feel scared but now he has to start looking for a way to get out of the house or pay the price for trespassing.


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