Jolly Boy Ferris Wheel Escape

Jolly Boy Ferris Wheel Escape

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Jolly Boy Ferris Wheel Escape

A fair has been organized in the village and all the people including kids went to the fair and had a great time taking part in various activities, watching some spectacular shows and buying some unique things from the stalls. You are a member of the organizing team and your job is to operate the giant Ferris Wheel. You did a great job all throughout the day. As the sun started to set, everyone left the fair and went home and you wanted to go around for the final inspection before going for a rest to get ready for the next day. You just found out that your job for the day was still not over. You had to bring down a boy who is stuck up in the Ferris Wheel high above the ground. The only way to bring him down is by rotating the wheel again but something has gone wrong and the wheel cannot be moved. You must find a way to get it work.


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