Bad Memory Escape 4 – Modern Edition

Bad Memory Escape 4 – Modern Edition

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Bad Memory Escape 4 – Modern Edition

Bad Memory Escape 4 – Modern Edition is a game from Have you ever had an almost perfect day, when your worries were only minor and manageable? Then, all of a sudden, you bump into that one thing that knocks you off balance, initiating the laws of misfortune. Your plans are abruptly canceled, your sense of control shrivels up like an uprooted herb; everything goes foggy as emotion temporarily paralyzes your body. Like in some messed up movie scene where the hero is surrounded by enemies and their last hope is dying fast--no matter how hard they try to fight back there's always a crappy outcome. You confide in others for comfort but get met with rational reprimands and disapproving looks rather than sympathy and support. The victim then reaches rock bottom emotionally, spiraling down into abyss feelings no one else can relate too or even understand. And to top it all off you're called out at work for being late!


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